Is einthusan legal? check all Alternative and tricks

Einthusan is a platform where you can watch different regional films depending upon your taste and choice.

Indian cinema has made a great impact all over the world among its audience. No doubt that Indian movies are preferred everywhere in the world. Most of the People like to spend their weekend’s mostly watching movies and trending series. For doing so they need a proper platform from where they can get the best entertainment they will enjoy. 


Einthusan works the way its audience orders to. This is a great movie streaming platform that invites users from all over the places and presents the movies of their preferences. Einthusan always streams every kind of Bollywood, Tamil, and Telugu piece of work in front of the viewers. This thing attracts thousands of people on a regular turn. 

We can say that Einthusan is a combo of every type of Indian movie that provides users with preferred content they can stream and for absolutely free. 

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Functions Einthusan performs

There are so many functions that Einthusan performs to attain the position of being popular among its other alternatives. People get attracted by this only platform because it provides everything that user’s demand from a movie streaming platform.

This is an amazingly easy and even affordable source for watching your favorite content without the trouble of long loading time.

The following are the functions or benefits that this particular site provides us,
so let’s go through with every point and assume the importance of Einthusan for downloading and watching your preferred entertainment.

  • Einthusan avails you to watch the latest movies for free of cost. There is no such variation that says you have to pay for the movies you want to watch.
  • You can watch any movie on or through Einthusan does not matter how old that clip is.
  • You can select the quality as per your personalization. This feature is amazing that we can convert the video quality according to our choice just like we can do on YouTube.
  • Einthusan claims for having more than 4 thousand plus legal content.
  • Einthusan has legal content so using a legal piracy torrent is not bad for the website owner and the users as well.
  • Einthusan provides content in every Indian language for its users.
  • To add free access there is just an onetime subscription that avails you the benefits of doing so, but this is not mandatory. It’s all audience choice.
  • Accessing this website is as easy as using Whatsapp. You can understand how to use it in just one go after logging in. However, there are a lot more features that you will automatically get to know after using it for once.

Let’s understand Einthusan from other aspects as well.

What sort of movies does Einthusan provide?

Every movie you want to watch you can search it on Einthusan. It provides Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Chinese, Bengali, and other Indian films. Browsing is quite feasible on this site. This site does not take time long time for presenting you the content and does not buffer too much in between like people complain about other piracy torrents.

What languages are available on the platform ?

Einthusan initiates to provide you content based on your preferred languages. The list speaks like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Kannada Bengali, and even Chinese. Well, Chinese does not seem like the most popular preference but it is.

Einthusan app

As there are numerous websites for streaming movies online and downloading fresh and latest content even before its release sometimes. Einthusan is extremely affordable and a smart choice among other substitutes as it has its app called the Einthusan app. You can enjoy and entertain yourself using this app with a lot more easy features in it.

Benefits of using Einthusan

Like the features here, I mention a quick list involving all necessary and catchy factors users check before opting or trying a new site.

  • A cost-effective option for movie lovers
  • Do not buffer
  • Comes with antivirus check
  • Do not have an annual subscription like other sites 
  • Smooth function
  • Choices present for favorable video quality
  • Just one-time subscription for avoiding adds
  • Easy accessibility
  • Have its application
  • Latest content provider
  • Feasible for users 
  • Comes in more than 6 languages
  • Easy download options
  • Ranking site

I have covered various facts about Einthusan and being a movie lover I know people look for these factors or traits at first before trying a website out.

Are movie streaming sites legal?

I have used many movie streaming sites and this practice is called piracy. Using a piracy torrent is equally illegal as making and running such sites. I usually do this practice as I am a blogger and I have this responsibility to tell my users about everything they want. It does not change the fact that piracy torrent is illegal in every sense.


Stealing content on which someone has worked like for 5 months at least with a huge team containing at least 800 people means stealing their chance of appreciation, growth, and love that comes from the viewers. Making a movie is not an easy task that anyone can do.

It involves huge investment, time, dedication, hard work, and leaking that content without taking permission from them is not legal a practice. We should only watch movies in theatres on their release and avoid using such sites but we rather choose such sites to save plenty amount that can contribute to the success of a talented performer.

We all should decide and support the talent and not such malpractices as we are grown up now and has a vast knowledge of separating right from wrong actions. This is us who are responsible for encouraging such work and helps the wrong person to earn and grow and not the right one. 

Alternatives of Einthusan

There are many more sites and apps that work exactly like Einthusan and the best part is that a few of them are legal and authorized.

Such as:

  1. Hotstar
  2. Yuppflix
  3. Sonyliv
  4. YouTube
  5. Yupptv

As there are mentioned all those content providers that we can opt instead of illegal piracytorrent. The choice is always ours.

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