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Putlocker is an online file hosting index website that is used for online streaming and downloading of entertainment media files, movies, and television series in particular, for free. The initial website was originated in the United Kingdom as early as 2011, due to its convenience of use and it’s free of cost feature it grew to receive millions of daily visitors after the shutdown of a previously very common file called as Megaupload.

This site has been faced by various controversies, some of which were so harsh that they even resulted in it being blocked by the government. This happened in the UK in May 2016.


The website was blocked in the UK by a high court order. However, the closure was temporary. At its peak, the temporary closure in 2016, Putlocker was listed as ranking among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide by a famous online survey website.

Over the years, Putlocker’s domain address has been changed multiple times throughout its history, with a number of URLs bearing the name: Putlocker being suspended, banned, or seized permanently or temporarily.

There is no particularly authentic information that is publicly known that whether an official Putlocker website maintained by the original team remains available online, but at least 50 or even more duplicate or proxy websites with the same name have been identified.

what is putlocker?

Putlocker originated in the United Kingdom under the URL putlocker.com. the website became very useful, especially among youth and teens as much as that by early January 2012, the website received about 800,000 visitors a day, after the popular website Megaupload was shut down by the authorities due to copyright infringement, Putlocker began receiving approximately 1.6 million and even more visitors a day. 

The website’s operations officer, Adrian Petroff, found Megaupload’s closure worrying and released pretty controversial statements as after comments. In March 2012, Putlocker was identified as one of the “top 5 rogue cyberlocker services by Alfred Perry, vice president for worldwide content protection at Paramount Pictures.

Following various controversial incidents, the company decided to change the URL of the website to putlocker.bz. This address was later seized by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit of the UK in June 2014 and later was subsequently changed to putlocker.is, a domain name that is located in Iceland.

The website faced other problems further, from around early October 2016; the putlocker.is address displayed an error that stated that the website’s host service was no longer accessible. Prior to its closure, putlocker .in was listed among the 250 top websites globally and the top 150 in the United States, according to data offered by Alexa.  

What are the alternatives of putlocker?

Putlocker may be a little difficult to find. So here is a list of possible alternative options to putlocker

123 movies

This registration-free streaming library is considered one of the largest resource link-referral sites available today. The site contains thousands of movies, TV series, Asian dramas, animes, and what not!

It provides you various options such as you can browse through titles according to the genre, country, year of release, and the type of content. Although there is a little disadvantage, since this is a free website, ads pop up every time you click on the page. However, streaming is generally continuous and buffer-free (which also depends on your bandwidth and other factors of streaming)

Popcornflix movies

This is another website that requires no registration; this resource is filled with movies from biographies to musicals. For the convenience of its users, it also categorizes movies according to release year and genre, so this makes it easier to locate your favorite content.

Although it has a downside, the downside to accessing this site is that it has limited to movies only, so you may need another source for watching your favorite TV series instead.

Solar movie

Solar Movies has the best search function. Its search function returns more accurate results than most of its competitors. The site also accepts requests for content that are not yet available on it. It also offers a separate selection from Asian cinema and other international titles both for movies and TV series so as to make it easy for its users.

Los movies

If you are not that big of a fan of Hollywood, and you want non-English movies, this site contains more of such content compared to others in this field. The subtitles are also accurate and are in complete sync with the visual content. Hollywood blockbusters are also available plenty and so are hard-to-find cult favorites.


A huge favorite of many users from many streaming sites is m4ufree. The latest movies and TV shows are released on this site much faster than their competitors. It also features content categorized according to genre, release date, country, most-watched, and anime.

It offers an additional feature; you can send them your request to find a movie that’s not currently in their library. m4ufree also has several mirror sites but using any of its previous URLs will automatically redirect you to its active site

Go movies

With its minimalist design, browsing through content on Go Movies is easier and better suited for those who prefer less complicated layouts and easier content access. A crucial advantage that this site offers is the fewer ad pop-ups so you get a better viewing experience, especially when you switch from one movie to another.

Movies joy

As much as the name suggests, Movies Joy brings delight to viewers with its huge line up of blockbusters and top TV shows. Most movies are also in HD so you get superb video quality. To top it all, Movies Joy only contains very few ad pop-ups so you don’t get frustrated while enjoying watching your favorite shows and movies.

AZ movies

This site is known for featuring quality HD movies and hits; this site is a great resource and is a favorite among viewers because of the number of mirror links for each title. This provides the users with a backup, which means that if one link does not work, there is always a substitute link that will play your chosen video.

AZ Movies also features a lot of hard-to-find titles and so you are very much likely to find cult classics and fan favorites from as far as the 70s and 80s.

Mega share

Here’s another resource that is a very good alternative to Putlocker, because of its huge library of films and TV series and an awesome collection of international films. Mega share is a fan-favorite site that updates its lists to HD as soon as they are made available.

Movie watcher

If you are searching for a movie, however old as it may be, you can never go wrong with a movie watcher. With its sleek and clean interface, the selection of which content to watch is made more pleasant for the users.

movie download


Is putlocker safe and legal to use?

The laws mainly depend on the area and country you reside in, some movie sites are legally based on the area around the world that you reside in. so if you want to know if putlocker is legal, you need to know how the laws of the country and state that you live in are applied to you and your family.

The answer to some of these questions may not be as clear for some streaming site owners and viewers in particular as much as they want them to be. So, in some cases, the site owner may need to get a clarification certificate, etc. on what access their people will need to stream movies on the sites available with the Putlocker domain.

In some cases, the law for streaming on Putlocker may not be in effect yet until a ruling is actually made. Whereas, in some other cases, the laws in certain areas around the globe may fall in a grey area that may cause a user to back off until they learn more about streaming movies on Putlocker sites without breaking the law of that state/ country that you live in.

check more about putlocker on wikipedia

It is safe to use Putlocker to watch and download your movies?

According to various recommendations given by other related sites, the communications vehicle that is used to access the Putlocker domain can make a big difference in the safety and security of your family’s streaming and your internet connection. To avoid safety issues on sites like Putlocker, it is recommended that you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to stream your favorite videos.

A Virtual Private Network is great for a number of different reasons since it provides its users with an extra level of protection when you are browsing and surfing on the internet. For instance, when you are using a Virtual network, no one can see what you are watching, when you are accessing different sites or the like. It also keeps the connection safe from hackers and crackers by archiving your IP address details, etc.

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