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What is mangastream?

Mangastream was a manga comic provider site that avails the users to read the content online without paying for it. Manga has amendable esteem because of the creativity of its content. Now the time has changed and people are getting this privilege to read any type of manga comic whenever they want just through mangastream.

Mangastream is a platform where you can read your favorite Japanese comics and even decode it to many other languages like English, French, German, Italian, and so on. Mangastream carries a collection of comics based on their classification so the users can easily access the site to select and find interesting comics of their choice. 


Why mangastream started?

There used to be a time approximately ten to twenty years back people love reading comic books and magazines. At that time comic books only come during the weekend and people enjoy reading it. It was a really good source of entertainment for those days. Children used to wait for their comics for months and then they run to purchase it before it got run out of stock. At the current times, they are not always busy playing video games and sticking to the android screens. Rather they find their entertainment in those comics and outdoor games. Technology has changed our lifestyle like never before but in a positive outlook at most.

When we got introduced to the internet and mobile phones our activities modified with time. Reading comic was also one of them. Technology does not ban the culture of the comic world but made it easier to reach all and sundry even if its hard form is not available in the market.

Mangastream is one of those inventions that helped billion of interested readers to provide manga comics in soft form and for free. For those who are new to the concept, I will explain what is a manga comic? In the next few sentences. 

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Mangastream name reference

Manga is a Japanese word used to refer comic books and animated books or films. It is a huge brand as in Japan people from every age used to read manga books in the earlier 19th century. Manga comic is not just defined till humor and cartooning, it has several categorized cataloging under which these books were published, like comedy, drama, erotic, romance, horror, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and much more. This is the reason why these comics gain popularity not only in Japan but worldwide. For delivering those art pieces to our present age band there was a website called mangastream. 

manga stream comic

What happened to mangastream?

Many users look for mangastream and criticize when they are unable to find it working. This is because mangastream is not providing services anymore. The owner of the website has to take it down because of the manga comics’ owner demand. The website contains all the content without taking consent from actual owners or writers or authorized parties of manga comic.

They claimed that the website owner is using their content illegally to run this site without having any rights on those manga comics; that is why the owner took the site down. Well, there is a piece of good news for all the readers or audience that the owner of mangastream has started a new website named and uploads the content there for its users.

The whole truth and reasons behind shutting down mangastream are still unclear and hidden. I just knew this much and I told you. The users who desire reading manga comics should not worry about getting their favored content as there are some more sources available that will take you directly to those pages where you can easily read Japanese comics. You can read more about comics.

Alternatives of mangastream

As I mentioned in the above passage that there are present some other best alternatives that you will be going to love are the following ones;

Just have a look at the list given, after that, I will explain about each individually.

– Mangadex






Top 5 substitutes of mangastream you can try.


Mangadex is one of my most hunted websites for reading comics and especially Japanese comics. Well, I was not that fond of reading manga comics since childhood but just after trying it once, I am on the fans list. I usually read fantasy and comedy stuff like these two I like the most out of every given category. Mangadex is an extremely amazing website as it not only provides you Japanese manga comics online but also have different endings decided by its fan in a much relative way. 

You can convert the piece of comics you want to read in a few languages on as well but here is a lengthy section of languages to pick from, which is I guess the best part for attracting users. You will have at least 20 different languages that you can choose according to your preference.


Mangafox is also an extremely preferred alternative of mangastream as it consists of such helping features that users will demand in a comic provider website. There is a choice given for changing the theme as well. The shade options are orange, black, and white. 

This site has several other mangafox site options there and is operated by the software named You can communicate about your feedback and experiences on the website itself. This site has its app as well, users can download it from Google play store.


Here is another website having a huge number of visitors regularly because of its advanced services like; Regularly releases fresh content and rank on the top of the user’s best alternatives list. Regularly releases WSJ sequence episodes Have a vast and systematically organized database for providing ease to the users.

This website is certainly user friendly and has an orange-colored theme that projects the content quite beautifully. No doubt that mangaowl is one of the best manga comic sources out there.


Another ultimate alternative of mangastream. This site has a very soft and decent look that enables the users to read peacefully and with full concentration. Convenient to go with.


The last one in our lists of alternatives but popular one too. Have an amazing design and attractive look like modern sites. Provides updated and trendy content.

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